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Giveaway Time March 16, 2014

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So like I had posted a while back, I’m having a giveaway !!!!!!!!!!!
My son got to review this awesome app, video, toy and book. And it quickly became his favorite as soon as it arrived and he popped the video into the DVD. Now he takes it with him in the car, so we see it on a daily basis, and he loves to play the app. As mommy I liked it because the app is very kid friendly and educational, yet he has no clue his learning, Also the video is cute and engaging. So give your little ones the opportunity to win their own book, video and cool die-cast cars of Paulie and Harry Hot Rod : )

Go a Rafflecopter giveaway
to participate

If you are to excited and want to start checking it out

20140217-182207.jpg                                                  giveaway2


Shadowbox February 21, 2014

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I went to Michaels a couple of week back and they had shadowboxes 3 packs on sale. I bought a pack and with the idea of switching my mason jar that I have with my Dream/accomplishment thingies. Today I finally got to work.

What you will need

– background paper of your choice
– acrylic paint of your choice
– sharpie
printed quote or saying the size you want it on your box
– paint brush
– drill
– drill bit I used -9/32 but you can use any size it will just mean either more or less holes.
– sanding paper or sanding bit

Step 1
Take the back of your shadowbox out set aside, with background paper.

Step 2
Now make sure you are holding both top and bottom of the point you want the hole and drill your first hole. Make sure to apply a bit of pressure not too much you do not want to crack or break the glass. Make sure hole is drilled all the way thru, now place bit just overlapping the first hole and repeat. Continue repeating until the hole is long and wide enough for what you intend to place inside.

shadowbox11     shadowbox12

Step 3
After the hole is the desired length, switch to your sanding bit or sanding paper and thoroughly sand the top bottom and inside of the hole.


Step 4
After you are satisfied with the smooth it wipe down the are and the glass with rubbing alcohol.


Step 5
to the inside of the box the paper with the saying or quote.
Turn the box over and trace it with a sharpie.

shdowbox10   shadowbox5    shadowbox6

Step 6
Now remove the paper and color in the outline of the words. Let dry.

shadowbox7    shadowbox2


Step 7 (this is an up to you step)

Clean the sharpie from the front of the class.

Step 8
Use the previously removed back as measurement for your background paper. Cut to size


Step 9
Reassemble and enjoy.


shadowbox3     shadowbox4





Sharpie Removal February 19, 2014

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I know we all have been using the greatest marker ever invented and accidentally gotten it on our clothes. kitchen tables, counter, ect. Well here are a few ways to get it off different surfaces.

sHow to remove sharpie stains. Remember not to scrub too hard on some of those surfaces, especially the painted wall! The paint may come off as well as the marker!

This is the most common ways according to pinterest. But I have also found that toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide or a dry eraser works also for walls, wooden tables or laminate counters.  Hand sanitizer also works great on plastic, I use it every time I decide to change the labels on m coupon binder or storage boxes. And baby wipes works on clothe couches and a fresh oh oh. What other ways have you found to get rid of sharpie marks?


Giveaway :) February 17, 2014

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I will be having a very exciting Heroes of the City giveaway coming up for the kiddos.
But in the mean time here is a link to the amazing game App that goes with it as a teaser. My little one has been playing it and loves it.

For Apple

For Google Play

Keep posted for the giveaway 🙂



Vday February 16, 2014

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So me and the other half went to an awesome uncorked class and painted lovebirds. We had a blast n he even wants to go back 😉😮






Heart mini cheesecakes February 14, 2014

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Here is the recepie for the cheesecakes I made for MOPS

1 8oz package of cream cheese
1/3 c sugar
1/2 lemon juice
1 egg
1 pkg of graham crackers
4 Tbsp. of butter

1. Line muffin pan with cupcake liner
2. With a mixer cream together sugar and cream cheese
3. Add lemon juice and egg
4. Mix until well blended.
5. In a sandwich bag crush the graham crackers ( great job for the kiddos)
6. Add butter and nix until sticky ( I test by making a ball )
7. Spoon mixture into bottom of liners ( if up to you how thick or thin you want the crust )
8. Top with cheese mixture
9. Bake for 11-14 on a pre heated 375 degree oven
10. While cheesecakes are baking slice strawberries in half and cut a v in the top to crate a heart shape.
11. Immediately after removing cheesecakes from oven press the strawberry heart into the top of each cake.
12. Refrigerate until chilled


I got 10 cheesecakes out of one batch


Done :) February 13, 2014

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Little ones valentines 🙂


Mops goodies



And extra for some grown up valentines


And it isn’t even Friday yet to get the boys their surprises